Acajou mahogany is harvested in forests in the southern region of Cameroon. Acajou mahogany trees can grow as tall as 60 m and have a trunk diameter of up to 1.8 m. Its trunk is often straight and cylindrical and has root flares.



The appearance and physical properties of acajou mahogany depend on its growing conditions. Sawn acajou mahogany has a pink to brown red colour when exposed to light. There is not always an identifiable marked difference in colour between the sapwood and heartwood. Acajou mahogany is easy to machine. Pre-drilled holes are recommended for nails and screws. The surface treatment of acajou often requires pre-treatment measures and can therefore be time-consuming. Moreover, drying the wood often takes quite a long time.


This wood species is particularly recommended for manufacturing components for door and window frames. Acajou mahogany is also suitable to use for façade fixtures, interior cladding, garden furniture and upmarket interior design. Acajou mahogany is also used for various interior panelling in buildings and ships.