Movingui is harvested in forests in the central region of Cameroon. The tree reaches a height of up to 50 m and has a maximum trunk diameter of 1.4 m. The trunk is straight and cylindrical.

Its light yellow to yellow brown colour is regarded as the distinctive feature of movingui. The trunks frequently exhibit figured grain patterns and occasionally contain a yellowish dye, which can rub off in wet conditions. The grain is often irregular, and the texture is fine to medium coarse. Movingui is relatively easy to machine. Nevertheless, the wood can often produce blunting effects which is why it is advisable to use carbide tools when working this wood. Pre-drilling for screws is recommended. Movingui dries slowly, and there is a low risk of cracking and deformation.


Because of its favourable physical properties, movingui can be used for many purposes, e.g. for façades, horticulture, door and window frames, furniture, flooring and parquet floors.

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