Tiama is harvested in forests in the southern region of Cameroon. The trunk of the tree reaches a height of up to 20 m, a diameter of up to 1 m and is completely free of knots.



Tiama sapwood has a reddish grey colour. Tiama heartwood is clearly demarcated and varies in colour from pale pink grey to reddish brown. The pores of this species are coarse to medium coarse. Tiama has fine wood rays which are only easily identifiable as small reflective areas on radial surfaces. This wood species is relatively easy to work by machine and by hand, interlocked fibres only result in slight roughness. Tiama is on the borderline between medium heavy to moderately light wood.


Thanks to its mahogany-like appearance, good workability and resistance to weathering, tiama is versatile and is used as solid wood or veneer.

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